ChromeOS Caught Running on an iPad

Hexxeh has successfully modified both the iPad and Google’s ChromiumOS to work together, as one unofficial ChromeOS tablet.

via @Hexxeh

tweeting from my iPad running Chromium :)

You can’t use it as a normal iPad without a restore sadly though.

On the desktop, the current build of the operating system is still in the early beta stages, but Hexxeh has been working hard throughout the past year to implement additional features and device support, making it more usable for everyday browsing.

One of the main advantages of ChromeOS is the lightning-fast boot speed, but considering that the iPad wakes up from sleep¬†instantly, there is no real reason to install it – other than as a proof of concept. Nevertheless, it’s an awesome hack, and it will be interesting to see how it runs once Google finalizes the OS for their own tablet.

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