iOS 7 Beta 3 Changes Log

IOS 7 logoApple on Monday seeded the third beta of iOS 7 to developers for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The update comes exactly two weeks following the release of iOS 7 beta 2, and one month after the first beta was announced at WWDC 2013. iFans has rounded up all notable changes to the pre-release software ahead.

  • Larger status bar on lock screen
  • A more legible weight for the Helvetica typeface used systemwide
  • Minor tweaks to Notification Center user interface, including lighter translucency
  • Folders are more transparent
  • “Now Playing” now displays properly in the Music app
  • Tweaked music controls in Music app
  • The clock is display when playing music from the lock screen
  • The clock icon in Control Center has again been redesigned
  • Tweaked search bar in Mail app
  • The days you have events are now displayed in Calendar app
  • A lot of transparency has been removed from the iPhone 4 build, notably in Siri
  • Very subtle shadowing added to app icon labels

More changes outlined ahead. 

  • New app updating animation

  • Loading blue bar on Safari is thicker, more noticeable (Thanks, OneFan!)
  • Artist in music app show the artist instead of one of the albums. (Thanks, OneFan!)
  • When exiting the camera. The image in the camera is blurred out before it closes. (Thanks, OneFan!)
  • Silent mode toggle added to Control Center on iPad
  • New animation when dragging down Spotlight
  • Yellow highlighting user interface in Notes
  • Siri performance improvements
  • Minor UI tweaks to Game Center, iTunes Radio, Calculator and other apps
  • The wallpaper chooser in Settings no longer displays an iOS 6 lock screen

Changes on iPad (Thanks, Cam!)

  • The parallax effect is more sensitive, and looks better.
  • The labels under icons/folders have a slight shadow to them.
  • The color of the Notification Center corresponds to your wallpaper’s color.
  • The search bar in the Email app is redesigned.
  • Swiping roughly up/down on the screen will create a stretchy/rubberband effect for the Control Center, and a more pronounced bouncing effect for the Notification Center.
  • The bottom of the Notification Center has a thin line separating it from the “grabber”.
  • The bottom bar in the Wallpaper selection screen has proper colors instead of grey-on-grey.
  • The bottom bar in the App Store is now back to its former size, complete with icons.

Sources: iFans and 9to5Mac

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