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When Griffin initially released the WoodTone in-ear headphones, which aren’t too bad sounding, I never thought that they’d turn it into a series of headphones. I also thought that the wooden design would make for a really nice set of over-ear headphones. Griffin recently released the new over-ear WoodTones to answer both of these thoughts. They are priced at a reasonable 100 dollars and do give a good bang for your buck. 


Driver: 50 mm Dynamic
Frequency Response: 20 Hz – 20 kHz
Impedance: 32 ohms
Sensitivity: 108 dB

In the Box

Griffin WoodTones Over-Ear Headphones
6.5’ Audio Cable with Remote and Mic



Griffin heads towards a somewhat lost, but classic, design scheme for their WoodTones over-ears. Two bars lie above the classic, dual-layered headband that connects to the square housings through plastic hinges. The entire design is black and wood throughout to allow for a design that is simple and concise. The wooden housings feature a large, square slab of wood that has a nice shape to it. Griffin offers three types of wood for you to choose from as well. The Griffin logo is carved beautifully into each housing as well.


Design: ★★★★


The sound signature that Griffin uses is a reminiscent of a smooth, warm signature with softer treble and lush mids with a hint of sweetness. Overall, I do prefer this signature to the v-shape supplied with the in-ear WoodTones. These sound a lot more linear and overall offer better technicality.

Starting down low, we find that the bass as a whole has a very linear feel to overall. This allows the deeper lows to really shine with great fluidity to the sub-bass without losing out on the thickness that it should have as well. Impacts are present and defined. A nice strong punch finishes off the bass allowing for a very technically pleasing signature. The bass is well controlled and modest in quantity, so bassheads may want to head off.

The midrange remains very smooth in the lower midrange. There is a slight loss of detailing in this area of the midrange due to this, however. The rest of the midrange is still very strong on the technical level. Clarity isn’t overbearing, but does hold up well in the upper midrange. Vocals have a beautiful, inviting lushness behind them while the upper vocals still hold strong and give a nice bit of energy to the midrange as a whole.

The treble on the Woodtones is actually toned down a little bit. They are very soft, but still present enough. The lower treble has ample presence at its best, but does lack a bit in both detailing and extension. The upper treble fixes the extension problem a bit. It offers OK detailing overall, but great separation. The treble is a bit softer, and may not provide the energy for some people. As stated, the headphones have an overall warm tilt to them.

Audio: ★★★★½


The Woodtones come barebones as is. No case or pouch of any kind seems to be included with them. I’d be expecting on knowing that the cheaper, in-ear Woodtones do come coupled with a pouch. In some aspects, the Woodtones would be better if one were supplied, especially knowing the heavy use of plastics on them.

The housings are actually built pretty solid. The wooden faces on the exterior are strong and supple and really feel great. The plastic that surrounds them is matted with a subtle, rubber-like texture. It, however, does feel a little softer than I’d like. The housings are connected to the headband through plastic joints that twist and turn; metal would have been preferred here.


The headband, like stated is a dual-layered one. The top layer has two poles connecting to each other to form the headband while a leather-like pad stretches below it to rest on the head. The poles seem like they are plastic which may be problematic down the line. Other than that, the headband seems great.


The cable included with the Woodtones is a standard auxiliary cable that is six and a half feet long (this one has a remote and mic though). The cable feels very firm with good strength overall. It has good thickness to it, allowing it to be used for both mobile and static uses.


The cable has the same type of headphone jack on either side (one side is the standard TRS while the other is the TRRS). Fitting with the wood theme, they do have a very solid wood body which ensures they are strong. Strain reliefs are about nowhere to be seen though unfortunately. Additionally, they are also straight with nickel plating.


Build: ★★★★


One positive note about the use of plastic all around is that these headphones are extremely light. The double headband has always been one of my favorite styles because it makes them that much more comfortable to wear long term. Thick, plush padding really seals the deal for the WoodTones. I have no complaints about the comfort and fit with these headphones, they are great in this department.


Comfort: ★★★★


The WoodTones are priced a penny below 100 dollars. This is actually quite an affordable headphone for the price and does offer great overall quality in many aspects. I do wish the build was a tad bit better, although the cable is replaceable, the plastic used cannot. A remote and mic, as stated earlier, is included with the six and a half foot cable. This cable may be a bit long for mobile use unfortunately, I wish Griffin included a shorter cable with remote and mic. I still feel that, despite the build quality, the headphones as a whole offers great value in audio quality, design, and comfort.


Value: ★★★★

Final Thoughts

I have to be honest when I say I wasn’t expecting much from the over-ear WoodTones. While I enjoyed the In-Ear model, I never really felt they were strong enough to recommend. I have to say, these are a different story. I can definitely see myself recommending these for the audio performance they give.

I’d like to thank Madison for the product sample

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Griffin WoodTones (Over-Ear)

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