StatusTab Replaces Pull Down Tab in Fullscreen Apps, Makes a Lot of Sense

cydiaWhen playing a game or using another fullscreen app, there are undoubtedly situations when you want to see your device’s status bar or read notifications. Currently, Apple has in place a small tab that makes sure you don’t do this on accident while playing that fast-paced racing game. That’s all fine and dandy, but what could we–or jailbreak developers, in this case–do to improve it?

Rotation Lock on Status Bar

StatusTab is a tweak that replaces that little tab with the status bar itself. If you want to see your notifications, you can pull down to view the status bar, and then pull down once again to view notification center. This is an improvement because, if all you want to do is see how much battery you have left, you can do so at a glance without interrupting your game. If this tweak sounds interesting to you (and you haven’t moved to an iOS 7 beta yet), head over to the BigBoss repo on Cydia and grab it for free.

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