This is the Biggest Low-Priced iPhone Leak to Date

Low-Priced iPhone

There has been increasing speculation about the low-priced iPhone over the past few months, highlighted by leaked photos of the rear shell and subsequent high-quality renderings of the purported device. The leaks that have surfaced thus far reveal that the budget iPhone has a polycarbonate rear shell, available in a myriad of different colors, and curved design akin to the iPod classic.

At the time, we warned that those rear shell leaks could have easily been knockoffs manufactured by Chinese counterfeiters; however, Chris Chang, editor-in-chief of the M.I.C. Gadget blog, has now shown off a detailed high-resolution video and photo gallery of the entire low-budget iPhone on tech blog Techdy. Take a look for yourself ahead. 

Chang claims that the budget iPhone “does not feel cheap at all,” unlike Samsung Galaxy devices:

The budget iPhone will be made substantially from plastic (we can feel it’s actually polycarbonate material). It will have a 4” screen, like the iPhone 5, and interestingly, the budget iPhone actually has a shape that’s similar to Apple’s original iPod. When we hold the budget iPhone in our hands, the plastic chassis does not feel cheap at all. Unlike the plastic build quality of the Samsung Galaxy phones, the plastic material used on the budget iPhone feels more sturdy.

The front of the budget iPhone might look very similar to the iPhone 5 — especially if it has the same 4-inch display — but multiple rear shell color options will help differentiate it from Apple’s flagship smartphone. The low-priced iPhone could be released as soon as this fall, alongside a number of other product launches.

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[Techdy via MacRumors]

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