iPhone 5 is Most Hated, While Galaxy S4 is Most Loved on Social Networks

Samsung Galaxy smartphones are notoriously larger than iPhone models.

We Are Social recently conducted a study that involved scanning Twitter, online blogs and forums to gauge reaction to the iPhone 5, Galaxy S4, BlackBerry Z10 and Nokia Lumia 920 following their respective launches. The results show that the iPhone 5 was the most criticized handset among the group, with the Galaxy S4 receiving the least number of complaints.

Areas of contention for the iPhone 5 included an overall lack of innovation, the new Lightning connector and poor Maps application. Additionally, a number of users were upset that the anodized coating seemingly wore off and exposed the natural, bright aluminum underneath. Apple marketing chief Phil Schiller said this was something “normal” at the time.

Among the posts tracked by We Are Social, only 11 percent were found to speak negatively about the Samsung Galaxy S4. However, it’s also important to note that the iPhone 5 was the number-one discussed smartphone in general, which provides more leeway for the number of negative complaints in total.

However, the iPhone 5 was by far the most talked-about launch on social media, with around 1.7 million conversations, compared to 300,000 mentions of the Z10, 140,000 references to the Galaxy S4 and 45,000 comments about the Lumia 920.

Apple is rumored to release the next-generation iPhone later this year, and it will be interesting to see how consumer reception is for the handset. Apple recently overhauled the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch software with iOS 7, so it will be interesting to see what hardware changes will follow suit.

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