Additional Photos of Alleged Low-Cost iPhone Surface


A second set of photos depicting the purported low-cost iPhone have surfaced on French website Nowhereelse, consistent with the design seen in the original photos that leaked just five days ago. These latest photos are consistent with rumors that have been circulating about the budget iPhone, including a polycarbonate rear shell and round rear microphone hole.

Based on the photo, it appears that the low-budget iPhone could be available in red, yellow, white, green and a never-before-seen blue color. We cannot confirm that these photos actually show the real low-cost iPhone, however, as these types of rear shells are often manufactured as knock-offs by Chinese manufacturers. 


It has been speculated that the plastic iPhone could retail for as low as $99, without carrier subsidies, yet multiple sources report that the price range of $300 to $400 is more likely. At that price, and for a product bearing the premium Apple logo, these rear shells might just be too cheap looking for something designed in Cupertino.

[Nowhereelse via 9to5Mac]

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