Theme Mac OS X to Look Like iOS 7 With this Icon Pack


With the most recent releases of Mac OS X, Apple attempted to meld the desktop operating system with iOS, bringing features and apps such as Reminders to your Mac. Not only did they bring the apps, but the design style became one–Reminders, Notes, and Contacts all look almost identical to their iOS 6 counterparts.

With Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks, Apple has made a bold statement: iOS and OS X are very different things and deserve to be treated individually. At least for now, Mac OS X will not be receiving the Jony Ive no-nonsense design style that has been widely criticized and praised. But what if you want the iOS design on your desktop?

One artist, who goes by the name of iynque, has created icons made for Mac OS X to bring said design style to the desktop. Hit the break for more info and the low-down on how to get them.

The set, named “iOS 7 Icons” and being hosted on deviantArt, was made for use with the icon customization app CandyBar. ¬†Said utility, which is an ancient (and free!) app that allows you to replace your OS X iconset with one click, makes using these icons pretty easy.

Head over to deviantArt to grab the icons, and Panic for CandyBar. Once you’ve grabbed the app, just¬†right-click the iconset and choose “Use as System Replacement” to instantly apply them all. Let us know what you think of these in the comments!

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