Need a Mac? Apple’s ‘Back to School’ Promotion Likely to Begin Tomorrow


9to5Mac reports today that Apple is likely to launch its “Back to School” promotion as soon as tomorrow, offering a variety of incentives to purchase a new Mac or iOS device. The program offers Apple iTunes store gift cards for those that purchase a Mac and, for the very first time, will incentivize iPhone purchases this year.

The promotion will give eligible students an iTunes/App Store gift card with the purchase of a Mac, iPad, and for the first time, an iPhone. The gift cards that come with Mac purchases will be worth 100$ while the cards accompanying the iOS Devices will be worth $50.

According to MacRumors, brick-and-mortarĀ Apple retail stores will be “performing an “overnight” tonight” in effort to refresh signage and other store aspects, likely to also introduce material in support of the “Back to School” promotion. MacRumors’ sources say that this likely confirms tomorrow’s launch of the annual program.

[9to5Mac via MacRumors]

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