Apple Files for ‘iWatch’ Trademark in Japan

Apple smartwatch

Apple is seeking a trademark for “iWatch” in Japan, according to a filing with the Japan Patent Office made in early June. As reported by Bloomberg, the patent is listed in a category that houses products such as a handheld computer or watch.

It has been widely reported that Apple is working on a wearable product called the “iWatch,” and Apple CEO Tim Cook confirmed in a recent interview at D11 that the company has profound interest in wearable technologies.

Samsung confirmed in March that it is working on its own wristwatch, while Sony has had its Android-based SmartWatch on the market for over a year. Google Glass, a wearable computer that resembles eyeglasses, has also been gaining traction.

It was reported last week that Apple had also filed to trademark iWatch in Russia, although the article remained questionable at the time. The same filing in Japan all but solidifies that earlier story, however, and is yet another indication that Apple is indeed working on a wearable smart watch product.

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