Scheduled Actions Now Available in Activator 1.8 Release Candidate

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Activator is a no-nonsense tweak that’s practically mandatory for anyone who has a jailbroken iOS device. Not only do countless other tweaks demand its functionality, but by itself Activator is powerful and capable of truly customizing how your device works. With the release of Activator 1.8 RC 1 on Ryan Petrich’s repo yesterday, users can now schedule standard iOS actions to occur at certain times of the day.

The new feature can be found on the Custom Events menu among other 1.8 features such as received email and the ability to assign actions based on app icon flicks and launches. These events are located on this menu because they require custom configurations–choosing which app to base the action on or, in the case of scheduled events, the time at which the event occurs.

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To use the new feature, simply tap on “Scheduled” and chose the time and day of the week at which your custom event should be triggered. For testing purposes, I used Sunday at Noon and gave it the action of respring. Sure enough, the second my iOS device clock changed to 12:00 PM, my device resprung. Your event can be scheduled to happen on any day of the week at any time (including multiple days) and will be triggered any time this setting happens.

Photo Jun 30, 11 54 33 AM

The currently available version of Activator on Saurik’s repo is the stable 1.7.4 release. To get the 1.8 beta shown above, you’re going to have to add Ryan Petrich’s repo to your list of sources on Cydia. To do so, head over to the Sources section of Cydia and tap the “Edit” button at the top-right of the screen. Then tap “Add” and type in followed by a tap of the “Add Source” button. You should find the latest version of Activator within this repo and you can install it as your would any other Cydia package.

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