YouTube Streaming App Musi Already Updated to Look Amazing on iOS 7


Musi is a unique app; it lets you choose any video on YouTube–including music and the Vevo library–and add them to a playlist for audio-only listening. Even its first version proved the concept as useful, but the app recently received a UI overhaul–one that makes Musi one of the first apps to follow iOS 7 design guidelines.

Directly above you will find what was Musi’s original design–one that looked good previous to the iOS 7 unveiling but now seems outdated in comparison to its revision above. Bold colors, clearer labels, and substitution of white for black in some places give the app a no-nonsense feel akin to that of Apple’s iOS 7.

What do you think of this redesign? Is it a step in the right direction? For more app redesigns, see my previous post containing mockups of many of your favorite apps–redesigned for iOS 7.

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