WSJ: Google is Working on an Android Game Console

WSJ: Google is Working on an Android Game Console


The first generation Ouya might not have been received with much acclaim, but that doesn’t mean the end for Android-powered game consoles. According to The Wall Street Journal, Google itself is developing such a console right now.

Details are slim as of yet, but the reports suggest that Google is developing not only a game console but a watch as well–both to combat potential competition from Apple and other rivals in the near future. Google is designing and marketing both devices itself and, according to a source familiar with the matter, will release one of them as soon as this fall.

The next version of Android, internally dubbed the “K release” and assumed to be “Key Lime Pie,” is slated to see the light of day this fall as well, and is said to contribute to a push for Android on a larger variety of devices–including laptops and refrigerators. Maybe a game console as well if this report rings true.

How would you feel about an official Google gaming machine?

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