Photos Surface of Potential Low-Cost iPhone Rear Shell


French news site has shared two photos of what they believe may be the rear outer shell for the rumored lower-cost iPhone. The site does mention [Google translation] that these may very well be Chinese knock-offs, but they also point out that  certain characteristics of these molds actually match some previous speculation about the device. As MacRumors notes, the round rear microphone hole you see above matches design drawings leaked earlier by a case manufacturer.


There are two prominent rumored devices floating around the blogosphere lately; the first of which being the iPhone “5S” and the second being the low-cost model you see above. The latter is rumored to be launching in a variety of colors, and to be priced competitively–probably less than $300 fully unlocked for the base model.

Apple has traditionally simply relied on previous models to be their “low-cost” alternatives to the latest and greatest. If a low-cost iPhone existed would you be a buyer?

[via MacRumors]

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