Apple Attempts to Future-Proof the Headphone Jack

Judging by a recent patent application, it looks like Apple wants to revolutionize an overlooked, but heavily used, part of nearly every electronic devices – the headphone jack. If the current trend continues, future gadgets will only get smaller and skinnier, and one of the biggest limiting factors is the “bulky” 3.5mm headphone jack. Luckily, Apple’s plans are not too radical (so all your exiting buds will work), but it will shave off a few extra micrometers.

The patent describes the use of “pogo pins” instead of cantilevered beams to secure the plug and make the conductive contact. Pogo pins are advantageous because they only have to occupy one dimension of space instead of two, making them much smaller and more versatile.

Users (well, except the guys at iFixit) will probably never notice the adjustment (if and when Apple implements this new design), but anything to make our gadgets smaller is a welcome change.

[Patently Apple]

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