Market News: Apple, Samsung Continue to Grow in US as BlackBerry Struggles

Screen Shot 2013-06-28 at 1.38.03 PM

The latest comScore market reports are in, and Apple and Samsung are the only two players currently growing. Apple grew 0.3% in the US market, while Samsung grew 1.7%, likely thanks to the release of its latest flagship device, the Galaxy S 4. HTC, maker of the venerable One, saw their share drop 0.6%. Samsung’s gain of 1.7% solidifies its position as the dominant Android manufacturer in the United States, leaving only Apple to contest the space.

BlackBerry announced their quarterly results this morning, and those results paint a dreary picture for the future of the company. The past quarter marks the first full quarter that BlackBerry 10 devices have been available. The Canadian company shipped 6.8 million devices — a sum of the number of BB10 and older devices — but lost $84 million. The 6.8 million devices shipped also doesn’t represent the number of devices actually sold.

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