Redesigning an App for iOS 7

Redesigning an App for iOS 7


Redesigning Hours has been a ton of fun. We have only just gotten started but removing visual noise has allowed us to focus on some interesting interaction issues that we hadn’t thought of before. Simplifying buttons allows us to also do some really interesting animations and transitions, making for a more visceral and fun experience.

I still like the old design and can’t say that the iOS 7 version is necessarily a huge improvement in the visual department, but thinking about the principles of iOS 7 design has sparked breakthroughs that will definitely make Hours a better app over all.

One app developer is attempting to redesign their app for iOS 7, and documenting the process along the way. What I think is interesting here is that this is only the first example we’ll see of apps being redesigned. What will our most used apps look like come this fall?

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