Muzik 3.0 Submitted to the App Store

An app that a good many of our readers have been anticipating has finally been submitted to the App Store for approval. The app in question is Muzik 3.0, which provides a high-quality replacement based on the admittedly beautiful Zune HD music interface.

The drama behind this little app started when the developer, Ben Deckys (also known as cocotutch) pulled the app temporarily. Upon re-submitting it, Apple immediately refused to allow Muzik entrance in to the App Store. The developer has been hard at work for a while at version 3.0, which removes the concerns Apple raised, all the while adding more functionality to it.

Of course, Mr. Deckys is releasing the app into a much different App Store environment. Now that the App Store Guidelines are more relaxed to quality apps, it would seem like Muzik 3.0 has a very nice chance of actually making it this time around.

Sadly, some devices won’t be supported, though he assures us that the second generation devices (iPod touch 2G and iPhone 3G) should work great:

Unfortunately, since 1st Gen devices were cut by Apple in the 4.0 SDK, and Muzik 3.0 uses some specific 4.0 methods, and it is now no longer possible to build and distribute or submit apps for 3.1.2…Muzik will no longer work on the following devices:
  • iPod Touch (1st Generation)
  • iPhone (Silver Matte, 1st Generation)
I have no access to a 2nd Generation iPod Touch to test it on, but I have streamlined the very core of the app so it runs like a dream on my ancient and crumbling iPhone 3G 16GB.  I’m coming back armed with an iPhone 4 as of Tuesday the 28th September, so I will of course add some little easter-eggs for iPhone 4 users out there :)
So, good news for everyone who was waiting on this app, and I bet there are now quite a few more of you. In the meantime, feel free to read Appman’s review of Muzik (the original). Also, be on the lookout for our review!
Muzik 3.0 will be available soon for $0.99 on the App Store.
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