What Are Your First Impressions of iOS 7 on the iPad and iPad Mini?

iPad iOS 7

Apple seeded the first builds of iOS 7 beta optimized for iPad and iPad mini yesterday, and first impressions of the pre-release software on the larger screen are starting to roll in. As with the iPhone and iPod touch version, the icons and increased white space have been two major areas of contention of iOS 7 on iPad.

Michael Steeber of 9to5Mac provides a good hands-on video walkthrough of the new iPad software:

iFans has been testing the new iOS version on an iPad, and is impressed with how fluid the experience is on the tablet. The design language of iOS 7 on iPad is consistent with that of the iPhone version, yet the software seems better suited for the larger 9.7-inch or 7.9-inch displays. iPad users, what do you think so far?

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