Samsung’s ‘Gadget Spam’ Approach is Working


Samsung recently announced a series of new Galaxy S4 devices: the rugged S4 Active, larger-than-life 6.3-inch S4 Mega, tinier 4.3-inch S4 Mini, point-and-shoot S4 Zoom and another model running stock Android Jelly Bean. And with good reason. Over the past few years, especially since its legal battles with Apple, Samsung has emerged as the de facto Android handset maker in the mobile space. The South Korean firm has established itself in the market, and consumers are avid fans of their products.

With this powerful reputation, Samsung knows that it can launch a seemingly endless number of smartphones carrying the Galaxy S4 name. Simply put, the Galaxy S brand sells. While this practise might be referred to as “gadget spam” by CNNMoney, the bottom line is that Samsung has been able to drag in profits on these spinoff devices due to its extensive — and expensive — marketing strategies and powerful brand recognition. It just has to be careful not to sature the market with a myriad of subpar products, or things could take a turn for the worse.


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