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A growing company requires growing endeavors. MEElectronics is a growing company that aims to reach up higher with its new M-Duo. As the name suggest, there is something coupled about it. In this case, it’s two dynamic drivers, one for the lows and one for the mids and highs. Multi-driver systems are not new, multi-driver dynamic systems are more rare, but becoming more popular. 


Driver: Dual Dynamic (Tweeter + Woofer)
Frequency Response: 10Hz – 20kHz
Impedance: 16ohms
Sensitivity: 101dB

In the Box

MEElectronics M-Duo
Silicone Tips (Single Flange: S/M/L, Triple Flange: M/L, Duo Flange: M)
Carrying Case
Cable Clip



The design of the M-Duo is composed of two main parts. A round, light blue piece of metal with the MEE logo on top surrounds the main, black housing that is grooved to give a nice bit of texture to it. The design is not too flashy, but the contrasting colors do have a sharp effect on the eyes. It’s modern, appealing, and something new. Overall, the design works well and looks great.


Design: ★★★★


The MEElectronics M-Duo uses two drivers to provide sound to the ear. The drivers are tuned to a modern v-shape. It’s reminiscent of the V-Moda M-100’s v-shape, but the bass isn’t as tight. Resonances in the upper midrange tend to mask this v-shape pretty well, but the lower midrange is dipped a bit. The bass is on the tighter, more impactful side.


The M-Duo’s focus would have to be on the bass. Fortunately, it’s not the overwhelming type, but is quite strong nonetheless. There is a strong, distinctive slam to the lower and midbass. The slam offers a nice tight punch while maintaining a strong impact that is felt. The sub-bass has more of a solid, thick texture to it; subtle things don’t seem to pass too well with it. The M-Duo presents the bass is a very strong way.

The midrange has a nice strong focus on the upper midrange. The result is a very strong clarity in this region of the mids. Vocals gain a nice bit of energy in this area while lushness is present, but could be better. Some female vocalists can come out a bit sibilant with the M-Duo. There is a dip in the lower midrange which results in a loss of detail. Despite all of this, the M-Duo remain a very aggressive IEM in the entire midrange.

Heading up to the upper ranges, the M-Duo has a very strong treble presence. The lower treble has a very strong, distinctive snap to it that has great presence and good extension. The upper treble is well detailed and extends quite far. It has a small tendency to smear a bit and come out a bit edgy. Overall, the treble is well rendered, but can come across a little too strong with its aggression.

Audio: ★★★★½


The MEE M-Duo come with the same case that their flagship A161P comes with (the packaging that the two use is actually quite similar). The case is quite nice and a nice breed between a hard case and soft case. It’s compact enough to carry on the go, which is always a good thing.


Metal is the material of choice for the entire housing structure of the M-Duo. The metals chosen have a nice thickness and feel very strong with a firmness to them that speaks quality. A large strain relief comes out of each housing to fight cable stress too. Overall, the build of the housings seems top notch.


The cables on the M-Duo use a Kevlar reinforced cable. The cabling on the upper half of the y-split has two sizes, a thicker one is on the side with the remote and mic. The right cable (without remote and mic) seems a little thinner than I’d like, Kevlar reinforcement makes up for it though, while the left one is as thin as I’d like it. The main cable underneath the y-split has a good thickness to it. The cable does a good job avoiding tangles.


A color matched, light blue and black, headphone jack terminates the cable. The jack itself is angled at 90 degrees and has a huge strain relief coming out of it. The jack is pretty well sized as well while gold plating is used to resist corrosion on the contact. This is a well-designed headphone jack that matches the design of the housings perfectly.


Build: ★★★★


Despite having large strain reliefs, I had no problems wearing these IEMs over the ear. They are quite comfortable to wear either way, up or down, though. The lightweight housings account for a little bit of this. MEE includes a nice selection of tips as well to ensure a proper fit with the IEMs; single flange, duo-flange, and triple-flange tips are all included.


Comfort: ★★★★


The M-Duo are priced nicely at about 90 dollars. It becomes second to the MEE flagship, the A161p. At this price, it does perform well against other IEMs in its price range. It has a very nice sound to it, although it’s not for everyone (people sensitive to sibilance should avoid). The build and comfort are top notch which makes this IEM a great buy. A remote and mic is included standard with these as well.


Value: ★★★★

Final Thoughts

The M-Duo offers a great overall package giving the second-in-line great built, comfort, and design. The sound is well up there, but not without it’s weaknesses. The combination of all of this makes the MEElectronics M-Duo a great value for the buck you spend on it.

I’d like to thank Mike for the product sample.

Overall Score


MEElectronics M-Duo

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