Android Users: What Do You Think of iOS 7?

iOS 7 Android

The latest iteration of Apple’s mobile operating system is on the horizon, and there are undoubtedly some new features that take cues from Android. With that in mind, however, how do you, as an Android user, feel about iOS 7 in general?

Some argue that Apple is simply ripping many of these simple concepts from Google and plastering them onto iOS. Is this the case? Apple always likes to argue that they take a concept and “do it right.” Is this the case with the Cupertino company’s latest offering?

Of the features coming with iOS 7 is Control Center, a panel for toggling and accessing many common system settings and functions. Any Android user knows that this has been possible for many years, and jailbreak developers have done countless tweaks for iOS. Is Apple’s Control Center an improvement on a broken interface?

Overall, iOS 7 seems to be received widely positive with the exception of its outward appearance. If you use Android, is iOS 7 enough to make you consider moving back? If so, what is it about iOS 7 that makes you feel that it has made a drastic improvement over iOS 6? Sound off in the comments.

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