Siri in iOS 7 Wants to Know How to Pronounce Your Name


Siri–along with many other features coming with iOS 7–has been vastly improved as of late. The service may not have received an absolute overhaul to bring it along the likes of Google Now, but there’s no doubt that its new features will be welcomed with open arms.

Today, 9to5Mac is reporting on another Siri feature that takes initiative to learn your name and pronounce it correctly. If the service has any doubt about how your name is pronounced, as you can see above, it presents you with a couple of options. Select one and Siri will never mispronounce your name again.

If Siri is saying your name wrong, all you have to do is say “That’s not how you pronounce [your name]“. From there Siri will give you a few options of which one will likely be the correct pronunciation.

How do you feel about Siri and its improvements in iOS 7?


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