HTC Hires Robert Downey Jr. for $12 Million, Plans Massive Ad Blitz

Robert downey jr htc

HTC has a problem. Their flagship product, the HTC One, is an excellent device. So good, in fact, that many recommend it over the Galaxy S4 and iPhone 5. However, HTC has so far proven incapable of marketing the device in a manner that competes favorably with either Samsung or Apple.

That may be about to change. Rumor has it that HTC has hired Robert Downey Jr., star of Iron Man and Sherlock Holmes, to help turn its marketing image around. Bloomberg reports that HTC will be paying $12 million dollars to the iconic movie star to help market its products, and that Downey will also have a creative role in the writing and creation process for the campaign. The deal is said to span two years.


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