New Chart Shows That Android Fragmentation Far Exceeds iOS

iOS version share June 3 2013Apple recently posted a chart to its Optimizing Apps for iOS 6 checklist page for developers, revealing that 93 percent of iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices are running iOS 6 or later. An additional 6 percent of devices are running iOS 5, with the final 1 percent of devices running older iOS versions.

The chart is a subtle blow to Google, which has a pie chart of its own for tracking the usage of Android operating system versions. Fragmentation continues to remain an issue on Android, with the latest versions of Jelly Bean sitting at just 33 percent adoption. Gingerbread, released in December 2010, remains the most popular version of Android with 36.5 percent distribution. 

Android Version Share June 3 2013

Apple has stepped up its efforts in showing developers that iOS is a more consistent platform, whereas Android is fragmented across several different devices, screen sizes and software versions. Both Apple and Google collected this data during a 14-day period ending on June 3, 2013, based on users that accessed the App Store or Google Play respectively during that time.

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