No FaceTime for UAE iPhone Users

Bad news for potentional iPhone customers in the United Arab Emirates, du, one of the largest cellular providers in the Middle East, has confirmed that FaceTime will be disabled on their iPhone 4 units. There have been rumors of this happening ever since all references to FaceTime were removed from Apple’s UAE website. At first, it was believed that facial depictions were deleted from the product page simply out of respect for Middle Eastern customs, but it appears that is not the whole story.

Since it is deactivated on both cell data connections and WiFi, it can be speculated that it is a mandated limitation set fourth by a higher governing power, and not based on du’s network capacity.

via @dutweets

Our iPhone 4 customers won’t be able to make Facetime calls, as this feature is currently unavailable in the UAE.

Apple totes FaceTime as one of the leading features of the latest iPhone, and having this anticipated feature disabled so unsuspectedly may cause a bit of an upset with the carrier’s customers. We will see what repercussions there are in the coming days.


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