What Do You Do With Your Apple Stickers?


Apple stickers are iconic; they’ve come packed with almost every Apple product I’ve ever bought, all the way back to the 512 MB iPod shuffle. Most recently, however, with the purchase of a new Macintosh laptop, I was presented with a pair that are a bit larger than the ones which come with an iPhone or an iPod.

I opened up the little package holding the stickers and other “Get Started” instruction manuals (which I didn’t read), and asked myself: What should I do with these stickers? I’ve seen countless people slap them on the back of their brand new laptop, but I couldn’t for the life of me disrespect the MacBook Air aluminum goodness with a tacky sticker.

I’ve seen people put these stickers on their cars, on their boats, and on their motorcycles. But I don’t think I want an Apple on the back of my car and I don’t think I have a boat nor a motorcycle. I’m left with a dilemma. What do I do with these stickers? What do you do with your Apple stickers? Personally, mine are just sitting on my desk just wanting to be stuck.

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