4-Inch Budget iPhone Incoming According to Analyst


According to Apple analyst Brian White, Apple could launch a new, low-cost iPhone in the relatively near future. In his most recent research note to investors, he says that “the lower-price iPhone is imminent, and we believe it is now up to Apple to choose exactly when to unveil this new device to the world.”

According to the information he obtained on a “recent” trip to Asia, the new budget device will have a “4-inch screen a slightly thicker plastic body, and will arrive in 5 colors.” Much like to leaked images such as the one above, the device is expected to have “tapered, rounded edges.” Furthermore, White says the device will be in the $350-$400 price range. This, of course, is for a fully-unlocked device.

A “mini” iPhone has been widely rumored as far back as the iPhone 3G. Apple has yet to dive into the budget phone market, however, and has insisted that last year’s model remain the cheaper of the iPhone options. Will it stay that way going forward? White doesn’t seem to think so.


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