Steve Jobs Thought His Work Would Be Forgotten

Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, who passed away nearly two years ago, is remembered as one of the most prolific┬ábusinessmen and visionaries to ever live. He was greatly admired during his life, and greatly mourned following his death. Yet, in a never-before-seen interview from 1994, when he was still working at NeXT, Jobs didn’t think that anyone would remember the products or work he had done.

“This is a field where one does not write a principia that holds up for 200 years,” said Jobs. “This is not a field where one paints a painting that will be looked at for centuries or builds a church that will be admired and looked at in astonishment for centuries. No, this is a field where one does one’s work and, in 10 years, it’s obsolete and really will not be usable within 10 or 20 years.”

In hindsight, there is perhaps no single person in the entire tech industry that will ever be remembered as much as Steve Jobs. While some Apple products might be considered obsolete, the legacy that Jobs left behind is something that will serve as an inspiration to future generations for years to come. So, in a sense, Jobs painted the biggest and brightest painting of them all.

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