7 Beautiful Alternatives to the Current iOS 7 Icons

iOS 7 Icons 1

A week has passed since Apple seeded the first iOS 7 beta to developers, and the home icons remain one greatly debated area of the overhauled software platform. For those that can’t stand the look of the new icons, at least partially, we’ve put together a roundup of seven beautiful alternative icon sets that will make you wish these designers worked at Apple. Even if you do like the look of the current icons, it’s hard not to appreciate the quality design that follows ahead. 

Ariel Verber (Dribbble)

iOS 7 Icons 4

Ariel Verber is an experienced designer that has been using Photoshop for over ten years, and this is his take on how the iOS 7 icons should look. I’m a huge fan of the color palette and consistent design language across the icons. Unfortunately, that clock widget at that top of the home screen is something I don’t think we’ll see from Apple in the near future.

Matthew Skiles (Dribbble)

iOS 7 Icons 5

This concept design by Matthew Skiles is perhaps closest to the current look and feel of the iOS 7 icons, with a more simplified appearance and slightly different color scheme. I’m still thoroughly against the look of the Newsstand icon, but the App Store, iTunes, Mail and Safari icons are strikingly better in my opinion.

Louie Mantia (Dribbble)

iOS 7 Icons 1

Louie Mantia is a renowned user interface designer that was previously employed at Apple himself, in addition to a number of other large companies in the past. Mantia shared his original redesign of the iOS icons last year, and has now revisited his approach to fit the flat, minimalistic design that Apple has taken.

Leo Drapeau (Dribbble)

iOS 7 Icons 2

“I know. Expected. But I just couldn’t resist redesigning the icons and the Home Screen UI of this newly launched iOS 7 beta,” writes Leo Drapeau. “So, I kept the same design direction, the overall look and fresh feel to it, but trying to make it look more detailed, coordinated and just cleaner. Also, I kept the old iOS border radius for the icons (the new standard doesn’t feel right to me), and also the old items on the right of the status bar.”

Forma Studio (Flickr)

iOS 7 Icons 3

This next concept by Forma Studio is different than the rest, and perhaps the flattest of the group. These icons have washed out colors that are definitely not as bright or vibrant as their iOS 7 counterparts, with matching designs between the iBooks and Newsstand and Calculator and Notes icons respectively.

Ida Swarczewskaja (Dribbble)

iOS 7 Icons 6

In case you didn’t know, the new iOS 7 icons are vector-based designs. So, as pretty as most of the concepts above might be, it’s a little more accurate to have a vector icon redesign like this one. Designed by Ida Swarczewskaja, these icons were created with Sketch and deliver a more refined feel to the current iOS 7 icon set.

Doney den Ouden (Dribbble)

iOS 7 Icons 7

This last concept by Doney den Ouden actually came out before the release of iOS 7 beta, when the public wasn’t aware of what the new icons would look like yet. But that doesn’t change that fact that this mockup is absolutely gorgeous, with a minimalistic yet colorful design that looks like a hybrid of iOS 6 and iOS 7.

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