“Discovering Ancient Pompeii with the iPad”

Apple has covertly added an interesting page to their website, which details how archeologists are using the iPad in the field. It’s crazy to think about how computers have, and will, change even the most obscure of professions for the better. Bringing the 21st century to every corner of the world is an important step forward for civilization. (Most important, I think, is the digitization of hospital records.)

In Pompeii — the longest continuously excavated archaeological site in the world — iPad is revolutionizing how scientists work in the field. Rather than recording notes and sketches on paper, researchers at the site use iPad and apps to capture invaluable historical data faster, more easily, and with far better accuracy.

The iPad’s appeal to users who would just keep one handy in the living room may be questionable, since it can neither replace a laptop nor a phone, but it seems like the device is quite useful for professionals who don’t necessarily have a desk to compute on. Many hospitals are computerizing their workflow with tablet computers, as is the US military. It may be a niche market, but tablets like the iPad could help digitize industries that you would least expect. If only Indiana Jones had an iPad during Raiders of the Lost Ark, complete with a GPS and Bear Grylls Survival eHandbook, things would have been much, much different.

[Apple via Reddit]

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