iOS 7 Hidden Settings Reveal Folders Within Folders, New Gestures and More

Hidden iOS 7 Settings 1 Hidden iOS 7 Settings 2

Apple seeded the first iOS 7 beta to developers last week, and users continue to discover lesser-known “easter egg” features throughout the new software. Hamza Sood was doing some prodding of his own, and managed to uncover hidden internal settings for animations, gestures, multitasking and more. He posted his findings on Twitter and shared the video below with Mark Gurman at 9to5Mac.

Before you get too excited, it’s important to note that these settings are not currently available to those running iOS 7 beta without some “unspecified tweaking.” Sood has not elaborated on how he gained access to these menus himself, or whether this discovery was made through the iOS Simulator or on an actual retail device. 

One notable hidden setting is system-wide edge swiping and corner swiping. Apple has already enabled edge swiping in iOS 7 for Messages, Safari and select other native apps, so it appears that this functionality would likely be expanded to other native and third-party apps if these settings are to materialize.

Settings 3 Settings 4

Other settings that are present include the ability to hide pre-installed apps, place a folder within a folder, pinch to close folders and change blur effects, coloring and animations. While all of these settings are relatively minor, they would allow for users to have greater control over the iOS platform.

Unfortunately, as you might expect, it is unlikely that these hidden settings will be publicly available in the final version of iOS 7 later this year; however, as noted by Gurman, it is interesting to see what Apple is working on behind the scenes of its biggest overhaul to iPhone, iPad and iPod touch software in six years.

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