Renowned Jailbreak Developer Slams iOS 7, Considers Switching to Android

iOS 7 Android

iOS hacker Cyril Cattiaux, known by his online handle “pod2g,” is considering switching to Android as a result of his disappointment with the iOS 7 beta thus far. The jailbreak developer has made a series of tweets that show his clear disdain towards iOS 7, which he calls “the worst move Apple did in a long time.”

Cattiaux expresses disappointment in a number of areas: design, battery life, and user interface bugs and crashes. He does acknowledge that iOS 7 is a beta, which is expected to have some of those aforementioned problems, but clearly isn’t accepting that as a valid excuse.

The landscape of the iOS jailbreaking community could be greatly shifted if Cattiaux departs the scene, as he has played a prominent role in several previous jailbreaking releases. Cydia founder Jay Freeman has already ported MobileSubstrate to Android, so it’s possible that Cattiaux could take his resources to that platform.

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