iPad Breaks High-Score Records

According to the University of Michigan’s American Consumer Satisfaction Index, Apple has the most satisfied users in the entire industry (and has held this title for the past seven years). With help from the iPad, Apple’s score reached an all-time high of 86 percent, a full 9 points ahead of the nearest runner up. CNBC notes that the ACSI has never included iPods in the index, since they do not match the “PC/Phone” criteria.

He told me that the iPad, even at this early stage, pulled up Apple’s overall numbers – which makes it the highest-scoring product Apple has, and therefore the highest-scoring product ACSI has ever tracked.

On Monday, Apple’s stock rose to an all time high of $281.76, and it was revealed that the iPhone accounts for 39% of the industry profits – despite only selling 3% of the total number of phones sold. (Must be a great week for investors!)

[ASCI Press Release (PDF) via CNBC]

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