Apple’s iOS 7 Test Icons Discovered in

Hidden inside iOS 7′s file are the images to the right. Discovered by iFans forum member core1, the images depict various actions or test icons included in iOS 7 beta 1.

The images, which range from hilariously relevant to whimsical, likely exist for internal testing. They are all at the 2x resolution, which marks them as being retina images.

The inclusion of these images shows just how early the iOS 7 beta 1 is. Images such as these have never been discovered in past betas, as they were likely removed long before developer test builds were issued. The icons are also strange in that they do not reflect icons actually in iOS 7: both the dockicon and hairfade are both actual photos, and none of the icons carry the neon colors of the icons that actually made it in to iOS 7. That suggests that these icons are only being used to test specific functions found within iOS 7′s springboard, and not the look nor the feel of icons on the homescreen.

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