Sentry and Company’s Unnamed Rethought Folders Tweak Coming Soon


Last Monday was the day of WWDC and, suitably, all news unrelated to Mac OS X Mavericks and iOS 7 was shoved under the rug. iOS 7 is still a few months away, though, and a lot of people are still using jailbroken iOS 6. Not only that, but jailbreak developers such as Sentry and others are still plugging away at some new tweaks.

One of these is a yet-to-be-named rethought folder system proposed long ago by Sentry on Dribbble. It was mentioned via Twitter on Sunday, June 9th that it is “coming soon.”

As you can see below, the idea of the tweak is that of putting 3-4 apps of similar type in one “folder.” You access these apps by pulling down on their parent app. In this case, the stock is the parent app, while other camera apps such as Intagram are included below it.


The tweak officially comes from A¬≥Tweaks, a group comprised of Sentry_NC and caughtinflux, and is slated to be available in the relatively near future. Keep your eyes on iFans for further information; we’ll let you know when the tweak hits Cydia.


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