Reveals Alternative iOS 7 Icons

ios 7 alternate icons

We all assume that iOS 7 will change as time goes on and we get closer to the fall release, though images mistakenly posted on Apple’s own website may give us a look at just what changes may occur.

Notably, it appears that the weather icon pictured above updates in real-time. This isn’t completely foreign to iOS 7: the clock app also updates, showing the current time down to the second. In addition to the alternative weather app, both the Passbook and Photos icon display tweaked colors. The mail icon has also seen a slight redesign, making the envelope appear less angled than previous versions.

It’s unclear whether these icons will ever make it into iOS 7. They do, however, show that Apple is still thinking about the icons and overall design language found in iOS 7.¬†You can only view the above image on Apple’s website by going to the page on a mobile device.

Update: The icons are likely “old marketing material.”

[ via 9to5mac]

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