iOS 7. Unpolished By Design.

iOS 7. Unpolished By Design.

IOS 7 logoToday, Apple pressed the big reset button on their entire OS and aesthetic. Sure, the functionality is still, largely, there. But they’ve essentially taken the last six years of tweaking, touching-up, honing, and revising and wiped it all away to begin again. To learn again. To hone from a new, unknown place.

And no one is celebrating.

For the last couple of years we’ve all complained, jeered and teased our phone-maker-of-choice for not totally revising their UI. For using felt. For using leather stitching. They’re falling behind the times, we said. They need to revolutionize their interface.

This guy is Design Lead at Etsy. Formerly designer for Amazon, Formspring and Zoosk. He makes it clear: iOS 7 is a rebirth and just as the previous iOS grew and became more polished over the course of 7 years, this one will too. Let’s be happy about that and stop complaining about the icons that Ive and company managed to create in 6 months. Let’s remember how bad some of the iPhone OS 1 icons were and compare iOS 7 to that. Both of them are–were–the beginning of something much greater.


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