Next-Gen iPhone Rumors: Larger, Cheaper, and All The Colors of the Rainbow

iphone 5s render

Various rumors surrounding next-generation iPhone models have surfaced this morning. The first, reported upon by Reuters, states that Apple is looking at placing larger screens in future iPhones:

Apple is looking at introducing at least two bigger iPhones next year – one with a 4.7-inch screen and one with a 5.7-inch screen – said the sources, including those in the supply chain in Asia. They said suppliers have been approached with plans for the larger screens, but noted it is still unclear whether Apple will actually launch its flagship product in the larger sizes.

That same report goes on to suggest that these future iPhone models will also be available in a plethora of different colors. Apple CEO Tim Cook has previously expressed limited interest in larger devices. However, it seems that a larger and/or cheaper iPhone would launch in 2014, as opposed to later this year.

In addition to these rumors, Japanese Apple blogĀ Macotakara reports that the iPhone 5S will be offered in only one extra color: gold. The mockup, pictured above, is fairly tacky. Hopefully this is just a bad rumor, or else Apple’s gold iPhone is slightly more nuanced than the above artist’s depiction.

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