Rumor: Samsung Galaxy S5 Will Be First to Have Aluminum Design


One of the main criticisms that the Samsung Galaxy S4 receives is its polycarbonate enclosure, especially when competitors like Apple and HTC use sleeker aluminum in the iPhone and HTC One respectively. Critics will often refer to the Galaxy S4 as a cheap-looking smartphone because of this plastic design, but that could all change in the near future.

Samsung will finally switch to an all-aluminum unibody when it releases its next-generation Galaxy S5 smartphone, according to a new rumor from Android Geeks. The move is allegedly part of Samsung’s new “Design 3.0″ direction, which sounds more like catching up with what other smartphone makers have been doing for years.

A downside to the switch in materials will be the lack of a removable battery in the Galaxy S5, a feature appreciated by those that are constantly traveling and require ample battery life at all times. What else to expect from the Galaxy S5 remains unknown at this point, but what is on your wish list?

[Android Geeks via AndroidGuys]

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