Hey Gamers: Official Controllers Are Coming

iOS 7 APIs

We now know what one of those 1,500 new APIs hiding out in iOS 7 are for: game controllers! While various third-parties have released unofficial controllers that rely on developers updating their games to add support for them, Apple will be creating a standard specification and official API for this purpose.

iFrogz, creator of various Apple accessories, seems to be the first out of the gate with support for this with the Caliber Advantage:

Compatible with the iPhone 5 and the fifth-generation iPod touch, the Caliber Advantage provides 360-degree motion control with viewing options in both portrait and landscape position. Gaming action is made possible through left and right slide-out analog controls that feature responsive keys for an accurate, high-quality gaming experience. Available this fall for $59.99, the Caliber Advantage will also feature an integrated lithium polymer battery offering 10-12 hours of continuous play without the need for a charge.

The API is open, which will allow any accessory creator to utilize them. Individual applications will still have to be updated to support the API, but considering that this is an official, Apple API, it should see fast adoption inside of games. Will the standardization of these controllers allow for more intense games to come to iOS?

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