How to Block iMessage, FaceTime and Phone Contacts in iOS 7

messagesThe three most common communication mediums on iPhone are Messages, FaceTime and Phone, yet the trio of services were lacking a crucial feature until now: the ability to block another user.

That has all changed with iOS 7, thankfully, as Apple finally allows you to block contacts that are perhaps a touch on the annoying side. When you add a contact to the list, that user is unable to send you phone calls, messages or FaceTime requests. 

Blocked iMessage iOS 7

To add a user to the blocked contact list, navigate to Settings > Messages > Blocked > Add New. To me, this minor addition is one of the most underrated new features in iOS 7, as I know firsthand what it is like to receive messages from someone that you did not provide your contact information to. And if you ever have a change of heart, contacts can be simply unblocked by tapping Edit and Unblock at any time.

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