A First-Hand Account of iOS 7 Auto-Updating Apps

Possibly thanks to John McCain, iOS 7 introduced auto-updating apps. The App Store app detects that you need an update and goes ahead with it without your permission. Today I experienced this for the first time on iOS 7 and I thought I would share it with you.

As you can see above, I unlocked my phone to a notification that one of my apps had been updated. What does tapping on this do? It takes you to the App Store app to show you the changes made in the app’s update.

From there, the app shows you when it was updated, the version it was updated to, the size of the update, and the changes made in the update.

Could this feature be potentially problematic? Yes, but only if an app developer updates their app to make changes you don’t want. A good developer wouldn’t do that, right?

Personally, I find it convenient. I’m particular about always having my apps up to date–I’m seemingly similar to John McCain in that way–and this little feature makes my life just that much easier.


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