Google Purchases Waze, Bolsters Already-Great Maps


Google has officially purchased Waze, an intelligent traffic routing program. While most mapping solutions, including both Google Maps and Apple Maps, simply provide directions, Waze is slightly different. Waze takes crowd-sourced information, such as potential roadblocks, speed traps, and other holdups, and then displays them on the map to users. The application also intelligently re-routes navigation based on such obstructions.

There are currently no specifics, but it seems that Waze will remain a separate application for the moment:

The Waze product development team will remain in Israel and operate separately for now. We’re excited about the prospect of enhancing Google Maps with some of the traffic update features provided by Waze and enhancing Waze with Google’s search capabilities.

It’s going to be incredibly difficult for Apple to compete with the combined might of Waze and Google Maps, if the two products are ever integrated in a meaningful way.


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