AT&T Estimated to Lose 37% of User-base if Exclusivity Deal Ends

A survey by Credit Suisse estimates that if AT&T loses their exclusivity deal with Apple, 23% of their users would jump ship and go with Verizon. Additionally, five percent would switch to either Sprint or T-Mobile, and nine percent are “not sure” of what they would do. Of course, these numbers are purely speculative, and the real world numbers would be affected by many more variables. (Hassle of switching networks, contracts, company plans, etc.) But, if Big Red or any other carrier does get the iPhone, there is absolutely no way that AT&T could benefit. I’m sure that behind-the-scenes AT&T is scrambling for a post-iPhone plan, but it will be a great day for the end-users (and Apple).

So, iPhone users, what would you do if you had the choice?

[Business Insider]

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