Netflix Streaming Coming to Canada

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Netflix will be bringing the streaming portion of its video rental service to Canadian users. Netflix CEO Reed Hastings is rumored be going to Toronto, Canada tomorrow for the announcement. At the moment, there is no word on whether or not physical DVD rentals will be coming to Canucks, but it is certainly a possibility.

Netflix entering the Canadian market, its first foreign expansion, has local video distribution players girding for cutthroat competition as still more Internet content-streaming behemoths like Apple TV and Boxee get set to launch north of the border.

They and other players like cable giants Rogers Communications and Quebecor Media have been bolstering their online video offerings in recent months in anticipation of Netflix’s expansion northwards, and lowering the cost of their data plans.

The Netfilx application for the iPad and iPhone is wildly popular, and hopefully Canadian users will soon be able to enjoy the service. In the US, streaming-only plans cost $4.99, so CAD prices should stay competitive.

Update: is live, and the service starts at $7.99 Canadian.


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