Tim Cook Talks Numbers: 900,000 Apps on App Store, 375,000 for iPad and More

apple_logo_grey1As per the beginning of most Apple keynotes, chief executive Tim Cook has announced some interesting numbers and statistics pertaining to the App Store, iTunes and more. These figures are as follows:

  • Over six million registered Apple developers, with 1.5 million of those taking place in the last year
  • WWDC 2013 tickets sold out in 71 seconds
  • Apple Stores attract 1 million daily visitors, with 407 retail stores in 14 countries
  • Cook reiterated the 50 billion apps downloaded from the App Store
  • 900,000 apps on the App Store, with 93 percent achieving at least one download per month
  • 375,000 apps specifically for iPad
  • 575 million iTunes Store accounts with credit cards linked
  • 72 million Macs, outpacing the PC industry for several years
  • 28 million copies of OS X Mountain Lion shipped, with 35 percent adoption rate
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