Everything You’ve Heard So Far is Wrong

WWDC 2013 Banner

Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference, or WWDC for short, commences in less than two days. At the opening keynote, the Cupertino-based corporation will discuss the future of iOS and OS X. And based off rumors we’ve heard thus far, iOS 7 in particular is said to have a flat, minimalistic appearance with much less skeuomorphism.

But, wait a second. 

John Gruber, a well-connected Apple pundit that runs Daring Fireball, mentioned that “all the leaks are wrong” in the most recent episode of his The Talk Show podcast. Essentially, this would mean that virtually everything we’ve heard is coming at WWDC thus far is incorrect, and should be forgotten about. Just pure speculation.

While I think it’s important not too think too much into Gruber’s comments, as some of the rumors we’ve heard will likely materialize, it’s exciting nevertheless to hear that Apple might have some surprises in store that haven’t already been spoiled by the rumor mill. Has your excitement for WWDC peaked yet?

[The Tech Block]

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