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RHA | In-Ear Monitor | $ 19.99[IMG]RHA is not new to the iFans community. Their goal of a headphone that is extremely affordable and sound good for the price is one that many companies strive to hit. RHA has released a new low-end model in their line up. the MA150 is their lower-tier in-ear monitor that aims to keep things affordable, but not poor sounding. 


Driver: 10 mm Dynamic
Frequency Response: 16 Hz – 22 kHz
Impedance: 16 ohms
Sensitivity: 103 dB

In the Box

Silicone Ear Tips (S/M/L)



The RHA MA150 have the same design as their upper tier IEMs, the MA350 and MA450i models. The differences between them are the materials. The MA150 uses a fully plastic housing. The headphones look very plain, which isn’t too bad of a problem. The shape of the housings are unique. They are funnel shaped with the larger side of the funnel with a rounded faceplate that holds the RHA name. The design seems a little one dimensional, but does fine.


Design: ★★★★½


The RHA MA150 has a classic V-shaped sound signature that is strong in the low end with a good focus on the highs that bring them a bit of energy. The midrange is relaxed a little bit with vocals being their main focus. The MA150 are enjoyable, but not perfect.

The low end has a focus on the lower bass over everything else. This causes a very strong boomyness in the lower ranges. Additionally, it gives the sub-bass more of a solid sound behind them. The sub-bass can be a little more fluid, but has decent presence. The mid bass, however, is nowhere to be found. The bass really is just boomy and overbearing.

The midrange seems like the MIA solder that is trying to keep fighting. The detailing is minimal at best due to the recessed nature of the midrange. Clarity in the midrange is a step up from the detailing. The vocals have a focus on the main central range. The lower vocal lushness, as well as the upper vocal regions, is really lacking and can use a bit of work.

The upper ranges are probably the best rendered on these IEMs. The upper highs have a nice strong presence. They sparkle very nicely and extend up high. I don’t have too many negative things to say about the high end, they may be a little too energetic for some though. The lower highs are well presented with strong presence and extension.

Audio: ★★★★


The MA150 come bare bones with only silicone tips bundled with them. That said, the RHA in-ears are not accompanied by a case, or pouch, of any kind. This definitely isn’t a good thing as the build of the MA150 can definitely be improved.

The housings, as stated earlier in the design section, is fully plastic. The plastic feels very light and lacks density that makes it seem weaker. On a more positive note, however, the MA150 do have nice strain reliefs coming out of the housing that will protect from cable failure.


The cabling on the MA150 is definitely not the best either. I found it quickly tangling up on me as I reached for them. Even with the best winding techniques, the over-under method for example, I just couldn’t stop the tangling. Going one step further, the cable itself is a little too thin.


Not everything is bad though. I do have to say that the headphone jack that RHA uses on the MA150 is great. It’s angled at the optimal 135-degree angle to allow it to protect the cable from tension. There is a nice strain relief coming out of it and the jack is plated in gold to resist corrosion.


Build: ★★★


This isn’t the first funnel-shaped IEM I have encountered. The Dunu Trident is another funnel-shaped IEM that is longer than the MA150. Since the center of mass is closer to your head when you wear it, these IEMs are more secure than the Dunu. They are very light and secure once inserted. RHA offers 3 pairs of silicone tips to ensure that you get the proper seal and fit. These IEMs are definitely very comfortable to wear.


Comfort: ★★★★


For 20 bucks, I can’t say I would have too many expectations for a headphone. These 20 dollar IEMs definitely have some large weaknesses in terms of build quality. They are priced well for the sound they deliver. In all honesty though, I would recommend saving for a little while longer to get something that’s a little better. If you need something cheap, maybe temporary, these would be a decent idea if the sound signature suites you.

Value: ★★★★½

Final Thoughts

RHA has always been trying to target the sub-100-dollar range of headphones. They’ve shown they can create some headphones that offer great quality. The MA150s do sound good… for a 20 dollar pair of ‘buds though. They work out to be a great value for anyone who’s looking for a pair of IEMs, but is strapped for cash.

I’d like to thank RHA for the product sample.

Overall Score



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