Do You Think Apple Will Have ‘One More Thing’ at WWDC?

Apple_WWDC_2013_logo_610x368Apple keynotes in previous years often featured an iconic “one more thing” moment, in which the late Steve Jobs showed off a new product or service that was typically a complete and utter surprise.

While we already know that the focus of WWDC 2013 will be on the future of iOS and OS X, alongside some potential MacBook hardware refreshes, do you think Apple will have something up its sleeves to show us this year?

Quite a few rumors have been circulating about Apple’s foray into the wearable technology market with a so-called “iWatch,” and an Apple HDTV set called “iTV” or similar has also been speculated about for at least a few years. Perhaps one of those products will be in store, or do you think Apple will focus on its core software and service offerings as you would expect at the developer event?

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